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Awesome Gamemode

Our gamemode is created completely from scratch. The server is regularly updated with fresh features coming in all the time!

Great Performence

Our servers are running on great performance host providers therefore, you will have a great gaming experience with us.

Awesome Community

Forums are the soul of a community therefore, we put a big effort into its development to ensure our community is at the top. We have a well organised forum with plenty of categories.

Welcome to Vexed Roleplay Home Page!

When we first drew initial plans and outline of what the server was going to include,

we never thought we would have 26,000+ lines of code scripted in such a short period of 3 months.

Our initial plan was to have a basic server, with an extremely basic house system & bank system, and one or two orgs with limited functionality, we then planned to develop from there.

Well all I can say is Beta has been superb yet manic. We are aware there are features and elements that aren't in the script,

that's to be expected but we will developing and producing updates for the script on a weekly basis,

so these key features will be added over time, but we never planned to have every single feature built for launch, it would have been impossible in 3 months.

This paragraph has been taken from the opening of our SA-MP Server and if you want further information about the lanuch then click here!